Agencies Supporting E-Commerce Companies Benefit From Newswire's Value Pack Guided Tour as Economy Reopens

Agencies Supporting E-Commerce Companies Benefit from Newswire's Value Pack Guided Tour As Economy Reopens

Despite being severely impacted by the current global pandemic, e-commerce companies have had a good year. According to data from the Emarsys-backed, there has been a 120.19% year-over-year growth in U.S. pure e-commerce orders as of April 21. The surge, without question, is the result of the lockdown orders put in place by state governments across the United States over the past three months.

However, all signs point to change in the near future. With states such as Georgia, Texas, and Florida reopening their respective economies, businesses have already begun opening their doors to consumers that are searching for in-person shopping experiences. While this was heavily anticipated by both on-site retailers and e-commerce businesses, the latter of the two industries will look to adapt to the next phase of this unprecedented economic environment.

"E-commerce is a market that solidified itself as an industry that is ‘here to stay’ long before this crisis," said Erik Rohrmann, Newswire Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

"Our goal is to help agencies focused on e-commerce make this transition as the country reopens. They have experienced a lot over the past few weeks, including surges in demand and delays in their respective supply chains. This is vital information that they will need to use when distributing content to their consumers and target audiences."

The Value Pack Guided Tour has helped agencies to better support their e-commerce clients across the country adjust their marketing and communications messaging as the crisis has developed. By taking advantage of flat-rate pricing PR Distribution and utilizing Newswire’s campaign managers as an extension of their agency to ensure that all media, marketing, and communications campaigns are relevant and up-to-speed with the nature of the online retail market, agencies are in position to help guide their clients through the current crisis and into the new normal.

As agencies who support e-commerce businesses adjust to the quickly changing market, the Newswire team is there to help. Newswire’s VP GT provides a year-long roadmap that gives customers peace of mind that their narrative to navigate the current crisis can be heard by their target audience.

Learn how Newswire is Transforming the Value of a Press Release, and to understand how you can navigate through the COVID-19 crisis as economies restart around the world.

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