Three Tips to Turn AP Style Press Releases Into Social Media Posts

Press release distribution and social media marketing are two important pieces to a company's overall media and marketing communications puzzle. Newswire shares three tips to turn AP style press releases into social media posts.

Press releases, no matter the topic, are designed to inform a company's target audience and the media about the happenings of the business. This can include anything from product launches and funding rounds to quarterly earnings reports, events, and more. 

To align with the press release format journalists, reporters, and other media personalities use, press releases should be written in AP style.

Writing a press release in AP style ensures the content is structured in a way that delivers pertinent information in a concise manner. 

"Though AP style makes it easier for journalists and the media to consume a company's content, turning a press release in this format into a social post can be difficult," said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. "Our team provides our clients with the education and resources needed to make the most of their press releases."

To maximize the effectiveness of a company's press release distribution and social media marketing efforts, AP style press releases can be transformed into valuable social media posts using the following tips:

  1. Respect the platform - When turning press release content into social media posts, be sure to respect the platform. For example, what works on Twitter might not work on Instagram and vice versa. Understanding the ins and outs of each channel is important to ensuring the content fits the parameters of a given social media channel. 
  2. Maximize multimedia - When possible, transform the content of a press release into an infographic, quote image, or use the associated press release imagery in a social media post. Take it a step further and pair the multimedia with a caption that captures the essence of the press release.
  3. Avoid jargon - Though industry terminology is often found in press releases, these words and phrases might not translate well in a social media post. Instead, replace these words with ones that are more commonly understood.  

"Repurposing AP style press releases into social media posts is a great habit to get into as it expands the reach of the release while also building brand awareness on the social platforms a company's target audience spends the most time," Terenzio added.

Since 2004, Newswire, an industry leader in press release distribution, has leveraged the combination of its robust SaaS technology and the knowledge of its media and marketing team to help their clients deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

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