Go Global With Newswire's Most Expansive Press Release Distribution Package Yet

With Newswire's Global press release distribution, companies can expand their international influence like never before.

Newswire, the industry leader in press release distribution services, recently announced its brand-new network enrichments and platform upgrades, improving small businesses' ability to expand their reach into new, untapped markets around the world.

Newswire Global press release distribution network is Newswire's most extensive option and provides customers with the unique opportunity to connect with over 11,600 online, international and industry media outlets across 55 countries and four continents.

"For businesses that regularly conduct business and marketing efforts overseas, our Global distribution is the perfect option," said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. "Newswire Global was designed to maximize international reach and publish customers' news across a global media network."

Complimentary trade lists allow customers to distribute their press releases via email directly to select media and press contacts in a given industry for additional visibility and precision targeting.

Further improvements to the quality of analytics, data and reporting help customers better understand the reach and impact of their news. With Newswire Global press release distribution, customers can better understand content engagement, their performance across media channels and measure return on investment (ROI) more effectively.

"This distribution network is ideal for customers looking to make a global impact, increasing their brand awareness and digital footprint internationally," added Terenzio.

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Charlie Terenzio
CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications
Office: 813-480-3766
Email: charlie@newswire.com

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