How Financial Services Companies Can Retain Customers, Grow Audience With Newswire

How Financial Services Companies Can Retain Customers, Grow Audience with Newswire

It's key for financial services organizations to remain in good public standing and within the public eye; transparency has become even more critical in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout this ongoing health crisis, financial services companies have come to realize the elevated importance of strategic communications and tailored messaging as it relates to consumer perception. As these firms attempt to retain their existing client base and continue to grow throughout this unprecedented time period, Newswire works with its customers to help them develop and distribute meaningful stories that are both engaging and relatable in nature. The program, Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour (EMA GT), provides customers the ability to transform owned media into earned media opportunities for future growth. 

As a result, Newswire customers have the opportunity to achieve both increased brand awareness and web traffic, which has proven to be vital to the survival and long-term success of their business. 

"Effective communication is especially important when it comes to financial services organizations," said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire's VP of Earned Media Advantage Business. "Open, friendly communication, transparency, and the right messaging — especially at the right time — are the tools that financial organizations need to leverage to gain positive attention and grow their business in this post-pandemic economy."

The public health crisis has resulted in unprecedented unemployment, as well as a fragile ecosystem for financial services companies working to manage operations amid the pandemic. As state governments reconsider future closures, organizations are redoubling their efforts — pouring millions into innovation to deliver the brand awareness, media and marketing communications that will see them through the other side of the pandemic.

"Companies are scrambling to measure and work towards the type of results we’ve been helping our clients acquire for years," said Anthony Santiago, Newswire's VP of Marketing. "The secret is it doesn’t take millions; the Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour was developed to support companies looking to build more traction and market presence for themselves. As e-commerce and other forms of teleservices become more mainstream, the value we deliver through online visibility and media presence only increases."

Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour converts owned media in the form of press releases into earned media opportunities that can boost brand perception in the eyes of the public. With a comprehensive media communications calendar, known as an Earned Media Advantage Plan (EMAP), financial companies can effectively deliver timely press releases with hard-hitting headlines and relevant content, alongside targeted pitching campaigns to maximize their chances of success. 

If your financial firm is looking to grow its audience during the ongoing pandemic, find out how Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour can help by clicking here

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