How Newswire's Media Advantage Platform Transforms Press Release Distribution into Real Results for CEOs

In public relations, sometimes even the most newsworthy announcements can fall flat. There are many best practices to follow, according to various experts. For CEOs, leveraging media outreach can generate an impressive return on investment even in challenging times for businesses. Newswire, an industry leader in media technology and press release distribution, shares how consistency is a key component to customer success.

ZetrOZ, one of Newswire's early adopters of the Media Advantage Platform, which consists of experts, a customized media communications plan, media technology, production, and performance, is a good example of the MAP's effectiveness through consistent communications. ZetrOZ, the medical technology company, has the number one most viewed press release on the platform through the first half of 2022. The release, entitled: ZetrOZ Systems Shares Successful Strategies for Managing a Robust Intellectual Property Portfolio is unique in that it is not a typical news announcement but instead focuses on thought leadership.

Opinions are mixed on thought leadership content; however, well-written content consistently delivered improves search engine recognition, traffic, online visibility and trust. The release was picked up by over 500 outlets on the network, with a potential reach of over approximately 210,000; the total potential reach on downstream partner networks included is roughly 280 million.

"Our team utilizes thought leadership content delivered to the right audience at the right time to improve visibility, and we continuously seek returns on every dollar we spend on media and marketing communications to achieve real results," said Joe Esposito, Chief Executive Officer at Newswire. "Now more than ever, Chief Executive Officers should leverage the power of an informative, engaging press release as a marketing weapon to accelerate sales in these tough economic times."

What can we learn from ZetrOZ's success?


ZetrOZ utilizes press release distribution to create marketing opportunities for itself in the form of announcements, promotions, and weighing in on industry trends. As a medtech company, this level of self-promotion is essential to gaining recognition in the extremely competitive medical technology market. As part of the Newswire MAP, ZetrOZ has issued 11 press releases throughout 2022, staying true to the process — with great results.

Compelling Headline

The headline should entice the audience to want to learn more about the subject matter. Looking again at the ZetrOZ example, their headline clearly defines the topic and makes the audience want to read on to learn more about those successful strategies.

While ZetrOZ has nailed its approach and is delivering quality content on a consistent basis, some things should be avoided when structuring your press release.

  • Misleading phrasing - Avoid language suggesting a product is "the best" or phrases like, "buy now." Tell a factual story about the new product and journalists will be interested in it and the brand. More media attention generates more exposure, and more exposure can lead to sales.
  • Alphabet soup - Many press releases use abbreviations without explaining the words. For example, if a phrase like "Food and Drug Administration" is used at least twice, use it once in full, and put the abbreviation in parentheses: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). After that, using FDA should be completely clear to the reader.
  • Too much jargon - In every niche or industry, some words and phrases are commonly used but may not be known to journalists and people outside the industry. That's why it's important to avoid using too much jargon. If it's necessary, explain it briefly without getting into a lot of detail.

"At the end of the day, press releases featuring newsworthy, relevant content can help small and midsize businesses drive more traffic, improve search engine optimization (SEO), and ultimately improve their bottom line," adds Esposito. 

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