In New Video, Newswire Shows How CEOs of Small and Midsize Companies Can Leverage Its SaaS Platform to Stand Out From the Competition

For many businesses, technology is a catalyst for success, and in its latest Smart Start video, Newswire shares insights on why CEOs should use its SaaS platform.

Since 2004, Newswire has been leveraging its industry-leading press release distribution services to help companies in a multitude of industries build brand awareness, improve SEO, increase website traffic, and more.

The foundation of the company's success is rooted in the value, flexibility, and support its software as a service (SaaS)-based solution offers CEOs of small and midsize businesses. 

In its latest Smart Start video, Newswire covers this topic in-depth, as well as:

  • The winning combination of newsworthy press releases and the right SaaS platform.
  • How to leverage a SaaS platform to establish a brand as a thought leader.
  • And more.

"CEOs want clear-cut data they can review to see if their companies are moving in the right direction," said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. "A SaaS platform like the one we've created at Newswire empowers CEOs to make more-informed decisions about how to approach their media and marketing campaigns in order to generate results that improve their online presence and, most importantly, their bottom line."

Newswire pairs its robust SaaS platform with the experience of its media and marketing experts to become an extension of its clients' teams, identifying media opportunities, creating compelling stories, launching targeted campaigns, and more.

"Accountability is a vital component of building a successful partnership, and CEOs who leverage our SaaS platform can rest assured that everything we do is in support of their overall business growth," Terenzio said.

Watch The SaaS Platform Developed for CEOs video for more information.

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