Newswire Announces Job Opportunities With Expansion of Earned Media Advantage Team

Newswire Announces Job Opportunities with Expansion of Earned Media Advantage Team

Despite furloughs across other industries, Newswire continues to expand its team to support the Earned Media Advantage

Newswire is looking to expand its Earned Media Advantage Team due to the positive impact the program has for businesses during this difficult time. The effects of COVID-19 have taken a toll across many industries that have furloughed or laid off employees in order to cope with the uncertainty of the economy. For those in public relations, media or sales who are looking to expand their horizons with the #1 Rated press release distribution company for Customer Satisfaction, Newswire is looking to hire Earned Media Advantage Specialists, Campaign Managers, and PR Strategists.

As Newswire continues to grow its Guided Tour program, including the highly acclaimed Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour and Value Pack Guided Tour, the need for Earned Media Advantage Specialists is immediate.

Charlie Terenzio, VP of Earned Media Advantage, commented, “With the ongoing pandemic, businesses are looking for ways to keep in contact with their audience, turning to Newswire’s Guided Tour programs as a solution. With the rate of clients being signed on, we are looking to expand our team in order to keep with the cadence.”

Earned Media Advantage Specialists work one-on-one with clients to create a "customerized" Earned Media Advantage Plan, acting as the reference point for all campaigns launched during their time on the program. The plan in place addresses the media and marketing pain points the client has faced and is looking to improve. Strategists are required to have experience in media or marketing communications or public relations to best fit in this role.

“We are looking for talented individuals who are self-starters ready to work, want to make a difference, and be part of this extraordinary team," said Terenzio, “People who are willing to dive head on with the challenges faced by businesses of different markets and turn those challenges into wins through storytelling.”

Specialists will work closely with Campaign Managers to ensure client campaigns are scheduled and sent. The collaborative effort between specialists and campaign managers allows for a seamless workflow to ensure client success and growth.

To learn more about employment opportunities at Newswire, visit the company’s career page for a full listing of available positions. 

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