Newswire Celebrates One Year Anniversary; the Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour Launched in August of 2019

Saving tens of thousands of dollars for clients compared to using an agency or doing it in-house using staff and software, the Newswire EMA GT has delivered for clients over 906 press release campaigns, completed over 3,155 media and marketing programs, secured over 165 earned media mentions, and developed over 17,119 sales leads.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Newswire’s Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour (EMA GT), a service designed to help businesses deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, celebrated its one year anniversary in the month of August. The service adds value to traditional press release distribution by providing customers with people, a media and marketing communications plan, software delivered as a service (platform), press release campaign/media and marketing program production, and results (performance).

Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour is “The Only Media and Marketing Communications Utility” available on demand that empowers the Earned Media Advantage: greater brand awareness, site traffic, leads and sales through its integrated media and marketing communications services. 

The guided tour service has resulted in earned media coverage from notable outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider, Digiday, CNBC, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, Newsweek, ESPN, CheddarTV, and Yahoo! Finance. These placements position customers as thought leaders in their respective industries while complementing lead generation through an integrated communications strategy provided by Newswire.

“Newswire utilizes the Market Builder and Sales Accelerator as its business development platform,” said Erik Rohrmann SVP and COO of Newswire. “We continue to propel company growth of more than 50% per annum, a 200% increase in daily site traffic, 200% increase in new accounts, 50% greater returns on paid advertising while reducing spend by 25%, and a dramatic increase in SEO ranking in our industry,” added Rohrmann. 

Newswire combines its industry expertise with powerful software and technology to help customers increase brand awareness, lead generation, and boost sales revenue, all for a fraction of the cost of trying to integrate multiple services like media databases, hiring additional staff, SEO services, media monitoring and paid advertising.

Companies have experienced tremendous results on the EMA GT program, which have positively impacted business growth across many areas.   

“We were able to rapidly and efficiently expand our media and marketing team without placing added stress on our existing staff. Newswire has been able to amplify our brand awareness, generate hundreds of leads within our target audience and establish a presence in the media for our company,” said Ken Sternfeld, Chief Pharmacist Officer and Founder, RXVIP Concierge. “We could not be happier with the relationship we have built with the Newswire team and the results we are seeing.” 

"The EMA GT Market Builder and Sales Accelerator were built based on feedback from the C-suite that we speak to on a daily basis and can be utilized by any small-to-midsize business looking to get more value from their own media. SEO content optimization, backlinks designed to increase traffic, multi-media thought leadership content, high-impact plan development, media and marketing asset build and platform set up for high production and real-time performance is unique to our industry," said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire’s VP Earned Media. 

With Newswire’s EMA GT Market Builder, Newswire writes customers' stories each month, distributes the releases to over 6,000 media outlets nationally, and targeted industries include targeted outreach to the media to secure earned media for the client. In addition, the stories each month are repurposed and distributed to 1,500 potential buyers, yielding 5% highly qualified leads for clients. Newswire’s EMA GT Sales Accelerator boosts the Market Builder footprint, providing weekly press release campaigns consisting of a full complement of 4 media programs and 4 marketing programs designed to accelerate thought leadership, leads, and sales.

Newswire offers Free Media and Marketing Communications Assessments for its customers to help them build plans to utilize Newswire’s people, plan, platform, production, and proven performance methodology to build market awareness and drive new sales. 

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Newswire delivers press release and multimedia distribution software and services (SaaS) that empower the Earned Media Advantage: greater brand awareness, increased traffic, greater return on media and marketing communications spend, and the competitive edge. With over a decade of experience, Newswire continues to provide its customers with the ability to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time through the right medium.

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