Newswire Helps Innovative Health Insurance Company Build Brand Awareness With 2 Earned Media Opportunities

Newswire's client in the health insurance industry was recently featured in two online articles thanks to Newswire's team of media and marketing experts.

Newswire's Media and Marketing Guided Tour client in the health insurance industry was recently featured in two online articles. 

These earned media opportunities came as a result of Newswire's collaborative relationship with the company that makes understanding and buying health insurance easy.

The company's success is rooted in its people, and this was the focus of its earned media mention in an online community publication that highlights local startups and tech companies. The article detailed the health insurance company's decision to double its workforce in order to scale the company. 

Additionally, the company's co-founder and CEO co-authored an article that discussed how to use HRAs to improve healthcare offerings. This opportunity comes at an especially pivotal time as employers are looking to find ways to provide employees with flexible health insurance options. 

"These earned media opportunities are an important piece of the company's overall marketing puzzle as they continue to grow their business and simplify healthcare for consumers," said  Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. "Helping people save money is at the company's core, and our team at Newswire will continue to help tell their story so their customers can avoid overpaying for their health insurance coverage."

With a goal to become the leading AI-powered national health insurance marketplace, Newswire will continue to help its client build brand awareness, improve SEO, boost website traffic, as well as create and nurture valuable relationships with industry publications to garner relevant earned media mentions. 

Guided Tour clients are able to lean on Newswire's media and marketing experts to identify media opportunities, craft compelling stories, launch targeted campaigns, and provide reports on overall performance.

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