Newswire Helps Public Companies Distribute Timely Communications to Investors and Media as the Country Reopens

Newswire Helps Public Companies Distribute Timely Communications to Investors and Media as the Country Reopens

Newswire helps to create optimized content for larger firms looking to make an impact in the financial services industry.

Financial service firms have become increasingly important for businesses nationwide since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Newswire is ready to supply these firms with comprehensive media, marketing, and communications strategies. With its powerful financial distribution services, Newswire offers major corporations in the financial services space the opportunity to increase value perception and expand earned media opportunities. 

American business owners have had to prioritize day-to-day operations now more than ever before in order to remain profitable. As a result, these business owners have turned to companies specializing in banking, investing, wealth management, payroll, taxes, and more to handle all financial tasks at this time. These financial services firms have seen their workloads surge, and that has come with notable achievements for the entire industry.

Newswire’s financial distribution helps companies deliver news to a comprehensive network of media outlets, financial portals, industry targets, investors and stakeholders. Newswire’s team works with business leaders directly to help them convert their wins and success stories into unique selling propositions and value offerings, which can be immensely impactful for long-term sales funnels and marketing strategies. With a boosted brand perception, financial services firms can see an enhanced earned media impact over time.

Achievements, both small and large in size, can be used to develop owned media content, which can later be converted into earned media coverage. New product offerings, notable hires, increases in earnings reports, and philanthropy-driven projects can all be used to increase brand reputation and strengthen consumer confidence.

Newswire looks to help financial services companies capitalize on these opportunities through the Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour program. The Guided Tour can help both small businesses and large corporations deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

"We are heavily involved in the ideation stages of our clients’ campaigns, and we look to identify these achievements or ‘wins’ to promote the things that our customers are doing well in their respective industries," said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire’s VP of Earned Media Business.

"This is more than the promotion of company success," said Anthony Santiago, VP of Marketing at Newswire. "Our strategists look to craft releases and pitches that demonstrate the value the brand has to its target audience, and they use instances of customer success to boost credibility and develop a sense of dependability between the firm and its customers."

At a time at which the economic climate can be best characterized as unpredictable, the Guided Tour has helped financial services companies navigate the crisis and stay relevant. This is made possible through the work of Newswire's team of Earned Media Advantage Strategists. The strategists work hand-in-hand with company executives to establish an integrated approach to media, marketing and communications. By acting as extensions of in-house teams, the strategists can help firms keep both their target audiences and the general public well-informed. By transforming owned media into the Earned Media Advantage, businesses can achieve benefits such as increased brand awareness, higher levels of website traffic, and overall growth in sales.

Learn how you can navigate through the COVID-19 crisis with Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour

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