Newswire Helps Software Companies Improve Marketing by Addressing Current Challenges in the Market

Newswire Helps Software Companies Improve Marketing By Addressing Current Challenges in the Market

The Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour helps software companies create effective campaigns that have bypassed marketing goals.

​​​​​​Software companies that have signed with Newswire’s Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour have seen positive improvements in their marketing campaigns and the results they provide to businesses of all sizes. Working closely with their Earned Media Advantage Strategist to modify their integrated media and marketing communications plan due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, software companies have continued to reach and surpass marketing goals. By having an expert strategist working with these software companies, they were able to modify and understand which audiences of the software companies are currently active during this crisis in order to implement outreach strategies.

Charlie Terenzio, VP of Earned Media said, “Our strategists are equipped with the PR technology and knowledge to modify plans at any given time. During this crisis, they have worked with software companies closely to understand the market in order to rework their methods to continue to reach quarterly goals.”

During this time when many industries have been affected by the global pandemic, businesses have had to revise their strategies. Clients on the Guided Tour who have been affected by the crisis have worked with strategists to make the appropriate revisions based on their target market. The effects of COVID-19 have had a great impact on marketing outreach for many businesses such as software companies. At this time when companies are cutting expenses, they are not looking to purchase new software. As a result, software companies have had to improvise, offering a “free” or trial version of their software as part of their outreach efforts. 

“Effective communication is the most important element in any business toolkit in limiting the impact of a crisis and helping businesses to position themselves positively for after a crisis,” commented Terenzio. “By continuing to communicate their value to the media and their target audiences, companies remain on the minds of potential customers who may later purchase their software.”

The Guided Tour has helped health-based retailers across the country adjust their marketing compass in order to stay on top of their industry. By adjusting their Earned Media Advantage Plan, created at the time they sign onto the Guided Tour, companies are ensuring the most current strategies are being put into place. Their expert strategist utilizes the new plan and implements it with every campaign launched.

While tech companies are facing crowded news cycles, Newswire’s EMA GT provides an integrated approach using media and marketing communications to keep the public and media well-informed. Experts say the economic recovery is slated to take years, but the GT’s year-long roadmap provides customers peace of mind that their narrative to navigate the current crisis can be heard by many to support sales and communication efforts.

Learn how Newswire is Transforming Business Communications and learn how you can navigate through the COVID-19 crisis.

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