Newswire Shares 5 Marketing Metrics Companies Should Pay Attention To

When it comes to media and marketing communications, the significance of data in creating and executing strategies can’t be overstated.

Newswire, an industry leader in press release distribution services, including content production, strategy, planning, and media technology, understands the intrinsic value that data adds to the content development process. 

“Data provides key insights on everything from press release topic ideation, strategy development, and posting times,” said Jennifer Hammers, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Issuer Direct. “Think of data as a GPS that points a company in the right direction to meet and exceed their media and marketing goals.” 

Working through the copious amounts of data can be overwhelming, that’s why Newswire encourages companies to focus on five key metrics to start. These metrics include: 

  • Traffic: Increasing website traffic is a common objective for companies. Monitoring organic, referral, and paid traffic numbers provides insights into the effectiveness of content. An upswing in these sources helps discern what’s resonating and what isn’t. 
  • Click-through-rate (CTR): This metric gauges the ratio of clicks to views, offering insights into the performance of digital ad campaigns and content marketing initiatives. Analyzing CTR helps companies gain a better understanding of audience behavior and preferences which guides future content strategy. 
  • Time on Page: Measuring the duration a visitor spends on a webpage indicates the level of interest in the content. Identifying the content that attracts the highest time on page enables the creation of future content that aligns with audience preferences. 
  • Conversions: Actions like form submissions, newsletter sign-ups, or navigating to other articles signify successful content. Evaluating the conversion rate provides a metric for determining the value visitors attribute to the content. 
  • Social Shares: Sharing content on social media platforms is instrumental in building brand awareness. Monitoring shares and engagement, including comments, provides a tangible gauge of a content piece's impact.  

While these five metrics are fundamental, companies should remember that when it comes to collecting data, numbers only have meaning if they can be aligned with overarching marketing goals. 

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