Newswire Shares How to Write a Book Launch Press Release

Newswire shares how authors can harness the power of press release distribution to generate awareness for their new book.

Tedious editing, long hours and more all go into turning an idea into a bound book. Authors understand the process is a labor of love, and when their book is finally in their hands, their dreams are now their reality. 

But writing the book is only the first leg of the process. Promoting their work is where the magic happens. 

Newswire, an industry leader in press release distribution services, provides novice and expert authors alike with the necessary platform to promote their books. 

"Authors know the value of the written word, and when combined with our robust SaaS platform, enriched press release distribution network and the expertise of our team, we're able to amplify their book launch to their target audience," said Kyle Metcalf President and Chief Revenue Officer at Newswire. 

In order to maximize results, Newswire is sharing the go-to formula for writing an effective book launch press release:

  • Headline- The headline should grab the reader's attention and summarize what type of book it is. Is it fiction or non-fiction, romance or mystery? Or is it a cookbook full of local recipes?
  • Dateline & City- This should be the location where the author is from and the day the press release is published. The location is important, especially if the book is of particular interest to a local community. 
  • Subheadline- This section of the release supports the headline and should provide additional details to provide context around the book's topic. 
  • Content- Use the inverted pyramid and address the who, what, where, when, why how.
  • Multimedia- Use a high-resolution image of the book cover and when possible, consider including a link to a video of the author talking about the book and why readers will enjoy reading it. 
  • Quotes- Adding quotes from the author that talk about the book can inspire people to buy it. Non-fiction writers can request a prominent person in the same niche or industry to provide the Foreward or an advanced review that can be included in the press release. 
  • Calls to action- To properly conclude the press release, the author should include a URL for readers to buy the book, an email and/or phone number to get in contact with the author. 

"A book launch is an excellent opportunity for authors to generate excitement around their work," added Metcalf. "Promoting this momentous event with a well-crafted press release can lead to earned media coverage that builds awareness and, more importantly, can boost book sales."

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