Newswire's EMA GT Market Builder Positions Tech Leaders for Increased Industry Demand

As the demand for digital services increases thanks to consumer adoption, a number of tech firms have increased their communications efforts with Newswire's EMA GT Market Builder.

​Newswire’s Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour Market Builder offers a unique opportunity to tech companies seeking a unified approach to their corporate communications and consumer engagement. With COVID-19 having caused a rise in demand for digital services and solutions over the past six months, tech firms catering to a variety of B2B and B2C markets have been thrust into a new realm of responsibility as they continue to foster and maintain relationships with both old and new clientele. Newswire’s EMA GT Market Builder is the only media and marketing communications utility available today that combines the science, process, and technology necessary to prepare and implement effective content campaigns for tech firms in the U.S. and globally. 

“I am thrilled with the results of the customized strategy that Newswire’s team created for us. Within the first 60 days of signing up for the program, we generated multiple media mentions, hundreds of leads and improved our SEO ranking. Newswire’s team has effectively positioned SimplyRFID as an expert in our industry, and we are looking forward to continued results,” said Carl Brown, President, SimplyRFID.

Weeks after the COVID-19 outbreak hit the United States, a consumer insights article from Nielsen, a global marketing research firm based in New York City, stated that the coronavirus crisis was an unexpected catalyst for technology adoption. This projection became a reality almost instantly, as the American kitchens, living rooms, and basements have quickly turned into at-home offices, schools, and entertainment destinations. Newswire’s Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour has already provided proven results for technology leaders and has garnered coverage in Forbes, Business Insider, CheddarTV and CNBC. Customers on the program implement an integrated media and marketing communications plan with the support of a dedicated Earned Media Advantage Strategist to engage existing customers, discover new audiences, and prospective investors.

“The tech space as a whole has always been characterized by innovation and adjustment,” said Erik Rohrmann, Newswire’s Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

“COVID-19 brought both of these components to the forefront of American society. The virus caused tech companies to innovate to meet consumer demand, and stay-at-home policies forced Americans to adjust to the new reality. Months later, we have seen the opportunities for innovating tech firms increase exponentially. The Market Builder is the perfect tool for any CEO or C-Suite executive looking to promote major announcements to their targeted audiences.” 

Newswire’s EMA GT Market Builder includes targeted press release distribution, digital marketing campaigns, and targeted media outreach processes to provide companies with a proven, systematic approach to an integrated media and marketing communications strategy. 

Newswire’s Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour Market Builder helps tech CMOs meet consumer demand and manage customer expectations through clear, concise, and consistent content campaigns. By implementing integrated media and marketing communications programs, tech companies can accentuate business growth with increased site traffic, qualified leads, and lowered costs per new account acquisition.

Learn how Newswire’s Earned Media Advantage can help your business meet industry demand and be better positioned for sales growth. 

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