Newswire's EMA GT Market Builder Propels E-Commerce Marketing as Industry Becomes More Accessible

E-commerce has never been easier. Newswire's EMA GT Market Builder is built to simplify the marketing that the industry needs.

The numbers don't lie - e-commerce is on the rise. Tech Xplore, Shopify, a platform that allows businesses to create e-commerce stores in just a few clicks, saw the number of new stores created on its platform jump 71% in Q2 compared to the number from the previous quarter. E-commerce, which has grown very popular with entrepreneurs and ambitious retailers, requires strategic marketing and promotional campaigns for optimal performance, tasks that are easily managed with Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour Market Builder.

Newswire's EMA GT Market Builder provides an integrated media and marketing communications program aimed to increase website traffic and generate more qualified leads. Retailers can drive more traffic to their e-commerce stores and online marketplaces through consistent content distribution campaigns. By securing earned media coverage in relevant outlets, brands can accelerate online business growth, shorten their sales cycle and ultimately increase transaction volume.

"Marketing strategy is often designed with the ultimate goal being sales conversion, and this is very clear with our e-commerce clients," said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire's VP of Earned Media Advantage Business.

"While the e-commerce market is extremely accessible in 2020, e-commerce marketing is not nearly as readily available. The EMA GT Market Builder is built for this exact purpose to deliver a unified message across multiple audiences with the help of an Earned Media Advantage Strategist."

The EMA GT Market Builder connects e-commerce executives with Earned Media Advantage Strategists, who execute integrated media and marketing campaigns to help brands reach the right media. These efforts provide in-house teams with the opportunity to deliver relevant stories to target audiences, which in turn, expands brand awareness levels online.

"The strategists combine their years of industry expertise with the power of the Newswire platform when conducting outreach efforts. This combination has proven to be very beneficial for our Guided Tour customers," said Terenzio.

Newswire's EMA GT Market Builder has secured hundreds of media mentions for customers and has helped bolster their media and marketing communication as they promote their brand messaging.

Discover how Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour Market Builder can improve your e-commerce platform's promotion efforts.

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