Newswire’s Press Release Optimizer Helps Companies Stand Out in Crowded Marketplace

Newswire, an industry leader in press release distribution services, including content production, strategy, planning, and media technology, understands the struggles companies around the world experience in making a name for themselves in their respective industries.  

To help alleviate the pressure these brands feel, Newswire created its Press Release Optimizer (PRO). This flexible offering is designed to support the unique goals and budgets of companies.   

“Through a blend of strategic press release distribution and targeted media outreach, our team helps our clients get the visibility they need and deserve by turning their owned media into earned media,” said Jennifer Hammers, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Issuer Direct. “PRO helps companies of all sizes and industries create positive business outcomes that lead to long-term success.” 

PRO is a three-tiered offering that gives companies the flexibility to choose a package that works best for them, including:    

  • Content PRO is for those who need more support with planning and crafting their messaging.  
  • Media PRO is for those who are looking for more visibility and outreach to the media.  
  • Total PRO is the most comprehensive plan and provides both content and media support.   

An added benefit of PRO is companies don't have to hire or train new staff to generate positive results.  

That's because Newswire's experts act as an extension of their clients’ teams to create and implement integrated media and marketing communications strategies to better tell their stories through press releases and generate the positive outcomes that move the needle for small businesses.  

To learn more about Newswire’s PRO, visit today.  

About Newswire 
Newswire is a media technology company that provides its clients with press release distribution services that help build brand awareness, earn media mentions, increase online visibility, improve search engine optimization performance, generate sales, and more. 

In addition to press release distribution and its Press Release Optimizer, Newswire offers the Media Suite, which bundles its most powerful products into one easy-to-use platform that helps companies maximize their engagement with the media. Newswire's relentless commitment to customer satisfaction and its passion for customer performance, paired with its innovative product offerings, continue to help companies of all sizes and industries around the globe deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. 

Newswire is a wholly owned subsidiary of Issuer Direct, a leading communications and compliance company, providing solutions for both Public Relations and Investor Relations Professionals. To learn more about Newswire and its industry-leading press release distribution and media suite platform, visit

Source: Newswire