Share Achievements, Accomplishments, Wins and More With Press Release Distribution

Newswire shares how strategic press release distribution can help brands amplify their good news to their target audience and relevant media publications.

It can sometimes be difficult at a crowded event to hear what the emcee is saying. Though they have a microphone, they simply can't cut through the noise and capture everyone's attention. People catch bits and pieces of the announcement and start to play a game of telephone, telling others what they think they heard. 

This process is ineffective, and the main message is either lost in translation or simply missed by the majority of people. 

That's what it feels like for brands that don't use press releases to their full potential. They send out a press release and hope it captures the attention of the right people. But, as we all know, hope isn't a strategy

"Effective press release distribution is about more than just sending out a press release on the wire," said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. "It's a layered approach that starts with developing newsworthy content, leveraging powerful distribution channels and then amplifying the message with targeted media outreach."

As an industry leader in press release distribution services, Newswire understands how press releases, when executed correctly, can turn up the volume of a brand's microphone and cut through the noise of an overcrowded industry. 

The benefits are plentiful, and for brands that want to share accolades, achievements, wins and more with their target audience and the media, a press release that dots every "i" and crosses every "t" is an effective way to do so. 

To that point, here are a few brand-building benefits of press release distribution:

  • Trust - Staying in front of the consumer and the media with newsworthy press releases is an effective way to build brand recognition and create a level of trust that promotes new business and earned media opportunities. 
  • Thought leadership - To build on the former, the more value a brand provides, the better the chances are of securing opportunities to position a company as a thought leader in its industry. Thought leadership pieces are excellent ways to build brand awareness. 
  • Targeting - A major benefit of press release distribution is the ability to cast a wider net to reach relevant media publications. Targeted distribution lists, such as the ones Newswire offers, help companies distribute the right message to the right audience at the right time. 

"The press release distribution services we offer at Newswire give our clients the platform to share their good news with the people that matter most - their target audience," added Terenzio. "By turning their achievements into newsworthy stories, we're able to generate a positive buzz around their brand that can lead to success now and in the future."

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