Tech Pioneers Leading the Data Science Trend Leverage Newswire's Press Release Distribution

Data science is increasing in value, and tech leaders are amplifying their marketing efforts to demonstrate their participation in the trend.

Marketers in the tech industry are recognizing the value of the data science trend as it relates to content campaigns and branding purposes. By analyzing customer and internal data, businesses can optimize their operational procedures and effectively serve wider audiences. For CMOs and C-suite tech executives, Newswire's Press Release Distribution Platform offers effective content marketing channels through its large networks of varied downstream partners.

Content marketers and SEO specialists will need to take advantage of the potential that data science possesses in relation to campaigns, according to Duran Inci, CEO of web development leader Optimum7. In a recent contributor post for Built In, Inci discussed the importance of business and customer data and how said data can be crucial when developing campaigns and navigating an industry. Inci went on to mention how these data sets can transform abstract concepts into concrete strategies that build market shares over time. 

"The impact of data science in both business and tech is simply irrefutable," said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire's VP of Earned Media Advantage Business. 

"Tech companies that have invested heavily in data analytics and research should promote said investments through content campaigns. With Newswire's Press Release Distribution Platform, CMOs and content marketers can capitalize on this trend to increase brand awareness among new consumers and potential stakeholders."

Newswire's platform offers both regional and international distribution for full order customization. Tech firms can publish their stories on trusted news outlets and deliver their content to the right outlets, journalists, and industry publications to rank in search and capture a wider audience. 

"Launching a press release distribution campaign that touches on major trends within a given space is a great way to expand brand awareness online and influence key people in your industry," said Erik Rohrmann, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Newswire.

Newswire's Press Release Distribution Platform has assisted technology companies with their marketing and communications campaigns by providing the tools necessary to launch relevant content campaigns. 

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