Why PR Agencies Are Switching to Newswire

Why PR Agencies Are Switching to Newswire

Using Newswire's comprehensive PR platform, a PR agency succeeds in gaining national attention for customers.

A public relations agency utilizes Newswire’s best-in-class PR platform to gain national recognition for its customers, while saving thousands of dollars compared to previous press release distribution services. After years of local media outreach campaigns, the PR agency wanted to take their client’s success to a national level. With Newswire, they have been able to save in distribution costs while simultaneously creating, scheduling, and tracking campaigns through one platform.

“We have worked hand-in-hand with customers over the years to create an easy-to-use PR platform, which includes all the deliverables needed to create and implement a successful PR campaign from start to finish,” said Charlie Terenzio, VP of Earned Media. 

Using the Media Database aspect has allowed the PR agency to find the right media contacts to connect their clients with. In lieu of purchasing additional media lists, building and customizing a list has been made easier using Newswire’s platform. With over 1.3 million contacts in Newswire’s database, PR agencies can find an array of people from reporters, producers, booking agents, and bloggers. The abundance of contacts gives PR agencies countless options and opportunities. 

Terenzio commented, “Newswire is the missing link PR agencies need to bridge their customers with the right media using the right medium. Having an array of contacts readily available has helped the PR agency utilizing Newswire’s extensive platform create those bonds to secure wins for their clients.”

The VP Guided Tour offers agencies a wide array of price points and distribution networks. Starting at $649 per month, agencies can pay upfront, or monthly by selecting the number of distributions they need on a monthly basis for the 12-month term. Each distribution as part of the guided tour includes unlimited words, images and links and also includes four custom-built media lists. Agencies can choose between five different distribution networks including Digital, Digital Plus, State, National, Global or Financial which include distribution to Google News, Yahoo News and AP.

To learn how you can save time, money and effort with your press release campaigns, visit the VP GT page for more information. With its flat-fee predictable pricing and unlimited words, you can stay within budget and expand your messaging.

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Newswire delivers press release and multimedia distribution software and services (SaaS) that empower the Earned Media Advantage: greater brand awareness, increased traffic, greater return on media and marketing communications spend and the competitive edge. With over a decade of experience, Newswire continues to provide its customers with the ability to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time through the right medium.​

To learn more about Newswire’s media and marketing solutions, visit http://www.newswire.com.

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