With Technology Stocks Soaring, Tech Executives Boost Investor Confidence With Newswire's Financial Distribution

Improve investor relations by distributing tech news through a trusted SEC compliant distribution platform.

​​Investors will be closely monitoring the tech sector as election season ramps up in the United States, and C-suite tech executives will be looking to make every effort to boost brand perception in that time leading up to Nov. 3. With Newswire’s Financial Distribution Platform, tech leaders can effectively distribute their company news, updates and performance reports to the nation’s most-read financial outlets and publications to effectively increase brand awareness during this crucial time in the country’s history.

Tech shares soared as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, as millions of Americans were limited to their homes during the lockdown periods that went into effect in early March of this year. Since then, American households became shared workspaces, schools, entertainment centers, and more through the usage of various technologies. According to Andrew Hecht of stocknews.com, it is suspected that the US government will likely address the dominance displayed by the leading technology companies once the dust settles after the election season concludes. 

"While there is a potential for strong government regulations looming over the tech sector in the months to come, there is also an opportunity for the firms to boost investor confidence through powerful communication campaigns," said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire’s VP of Earned Media Advantage Business. 

"Additionally, smaller firms that are not as concerned with the potential of government regulation have the opportunity to market their business and highlight performance to prospective investors that may be looking to fund the next tech giant of the 21st century."

Newswire’s Financial Distribution Platform is a trusted source for market news and industry-leading customer support. The platform also offers a comprehensive network to all major stock exchanges, such as the NASDAQ, NYSE, and the London Stock Exchange. 

"For IR and communications professionals, the platform’s ability to target audiences across investors, media, analysts and financial institutions is an outstanding value to accelerate communications to the global financial community," said Terenzio.

Newswire’s financial distribution has provided executives better brand perception and boosted investor relations through timely, accurate, and compliant content distribution and syndication. 

Learn how Newswire’s Financial Distribution Platform can boost investor confidence in your company today. 

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