ZetrOZ Amplifies the Value of Its Wearable Ultrasound Technology With Newswire's Guided Tour

From professional athletes to everyday folks, people want to treat their aching muscles and joints without invasive surgery or potentially addictive drugs. ZetrOZ Systems — creators of an FDA-approved wearable ultrasound device — has been reaching those patients and telling their stories with Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour.

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ZetrOZ developed the samⓇ sustained acoustic medicine technology with research funded by the National Institutes of Health and U.S. Department of Defense to accelerate soft tissue healing and reduce the use of pharmaceuticals.

ZetrOZ joined the Guided Tour program to access Newswire's team of public relations experts, who identify earned media opportunities, collaborate to create compelling stories, launch targeted campaigns, and provide precision reporting on campaign performance.

Since joining forces with Newswire, ZetrOZ has landed major-market television news coverage and placements in lifestyle and medical publications, received countless website and press release views, and reached new prominence in internet searches.

"Newswire has turned up the volume about our revolutionary technology," said biomedical engineer Dr. George Lewis, president and chief executive officer of ZetrOZ. "The team has been instrumental in helping us reach and build our customer base."

With Newswire, ZetrOZ has announced partnerships with a number of collegiate and professional sports organizations — in addition to educational institutions and continuing education programs — to promote the healing effectiveness of its SAM Sport.

"ZetrOZ has a great product which made the process simple for us to communicate the value and effectiveness for athletes at every level," says Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. "This technology is a game-changer in the home, in a doctor's office, or in an athletic trainer's room and has tremendous value because it gets people back to health faster and at a lower cost."

Organizations including the Boston Red Sox, Seattle Mariners, Team USA Women's Soccer, the Women's National Field Hockey Team, and the Washington Mystics of the WNBA, have partnered with ZetrOZ and SAM Sport; dozens of sports programs from universities around the country have also shared positive testimonials and experiences with SAM, most notably its ease of use and its ability to deliver noticeable results within just a few weeks.

SAM Sport has also been featured on the front cover of a new therapeutic modalities book entitled Therapeutic Modalities: The Art and Science, 3rd Edition, as well as at least four other textbooks as an effective treatment option for patients suffering from chronic pain as a result of soft tissue injuries.

About ZetrOZ Systems 

ZetrOZ Systems is an FDA cGMP and ISO 13585 medical technology company headquartered in the southern coastal region of Connecticut. The organization also has manufacturing facilities across the United States. ZetrOZ Systems produced UltrOZ®, sam®Sport and sam®Pro 2.0 to provide safe and effective treatment options for prevalent conditions such as arthritis. Learn more at zetroz.com and samrecover.com.

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